the powers of the mind

think you are somewhere in there hiding in the fog and when it clears I will find you  staring back at me asking me why I struggle at times when it's so easy to see comes down to looking  at the words on the page realizing all the world is my stage when I need it to be I can always go deep inside when I need an escape from reality nothing is impossible  believing fully in the powers of the mind


fabulous in the 80s
quite possibly the 90s too
not a word I'd use
to describe myself these days
I just see it on the news
back then however
never realized how much I had
how all the music I made
and was inspired by
made me a better man
shaped who I am today
took it off the page
out into the real world
and onto the stage
shaking my fabulous self
on the dance floor
and on the runways
of suburban malls
though styles have changed
one thing always stays the same
being your fabulous self
means so much more
when you know who you are


haunted by the choices we make
is that any way to live
knowing you can never
undo what you did
knowing part of you
doesn't regret a single second
but that other part of you
knows all too well about the damage done
the lives forever changed
those things that haunt
your dreams at night
a grim reminder
nothing will ever be the same
do what you can
so you can sleep through the night
not let it get the best of you
the part of you
you gave to someone else
when the other had closed herself off to you
hard to get everything you need
from just one person
but that doesn't stop you
from trying to

a lifetime ago

thinking back
to when I was 25
to the summer of '92
a lifetime ago really
RuPaul on stage
at the Boy Bar in NYC
singing Supermodel of the World
the audience captivated completely
an amazing moment witnessed
right place right time
an unforgettable summer
when nothing was impossible
a lifetime ago
telling stories from the past
almost like they belong
to a different life
they do seem a world away
amazing for some of us
they are only yesterday

life itself

clearly the most
significant thing about today
is it's Brandon and Crystal's 3rd anniversary
the day I officiated their wedding
really beautiful time of the year
to get married
calling captain autumn on the stereo
forgot how great this album was
we often forget how great things are
how great people are
especially in these troubled times
it's easy to forget
how much we have to celebrate
at the very least
life itself


the key is to write it down
when it's fresh in my mind
an uncomplicated life I lead
doesn't stop me from hitting
a brick wall from time to time
too many heavy burdens we carry
too often it's not even our own shit
get to thinking about
some of the complicated lives
my friends lead
the secrets we keep
eat at us a little more
with each new day
and it all used to be so simple
some think this is all part
of what we now call adulting
the truth is some of us are just better
at keeping it together
better at leaving the day behind
never forgetting we aren't expected
to be perfect every second of the day
just need to be the best version of ourselves
and never give too much of ourselves away

Are you really living life?

is it just a list
you check things off of
a series of accomplishments
you brag about
a forum for you
a ladder to climb
something you don't
give a shit about
'til you're running out of time
like to think
it's what you make it
connecting the dots
of all the magical moments
you create
like to think
the best life has to offer
is not contained on some list
but rather in what you did with it
in those times you felt
totally free
as free as free can be